A High Quality Experience

In 2011 Final Round Health & Fitness officially became a business. Starting out of a 200 square foot room in the basement of Gary and Alex’s home. Training clients in the small studio, local parks or even making house calls Gary was determined to make his mark in the fitness industry.

In 2013 determined to grow and pursue his passion, Gary quit his long held full-time job in corporate America to become a full-time personal trainer at Platinum Fitness in Verona, NJ to gain more experience and learn to work with a larger variety of people from all different walks of life. Since then he has acquired various training certifications to grow his knowledge and application of different training methods to help his clients reach their of personal health and fitness goals.

Years of hard work and dedication to both his craft and clientele paid off in 2015 when the doors of Final Round Health & Fitness’s first studio location opened in Little Falls, NJ officially moving from a 200sqft room to a 2,800sqft facility.

Helping You Exceed Your Goal

Since opening, Final Round has grown from having only one trainer with a dream to make a difference to 6 dedicated, passionate, experienced, and professional trainers working together to turn your dreams into reality. Each and every trainer brings something different to the clients, which help make Final Round unlike any other gym in Little Falls. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle and strength, increase endurance, learn to properly box, or stay in shape, we have a trainer for you. We strongly believe that the best results for each individual come from a team of trainers rather than just one individual trainer.

Unlike many other gyms in the area, we have at least two trainers in every class to help motivate and push you to reach all of your goals. We believe that working with all of our trainers who have their own specialty is more important in helping you accomplish more than you ever thought possible rather than working with the same trainer at all times. The staff at Final Round caters to each individual in every one of their classes and their attention, precision, dedication, and motivation are unlike anything you have seen in the past.

During these times, changes have been made to our gym and class structure to ensure the safety of all the members and staff while continuing to provide everyone with our above and beyond level of service. Results are always the goal but everyone’s health and safety is now our number one priority. We currently offer small group hybrid training with 6 members maximum and personal one-on-one training.  For our small group class, each member will be assigned their own pod with their own dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, medicine ball, resistance band and heavy bag.  There will be no sharing of equipment during classes and all equipment will be sanitized at the end of each class.

Due to capacity limits, we can no longer hold large group classes inside, however, we will run bootcamp classes at a nearby park to accommodate larger groups (12 members maximum).

We will also hold virtual workouts for members who feel more comfortable training in their own home.

Exceed Your Fitness Goals

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.



Gary Fernandez
Gary FernandezOwner / Head Trainer & Boxing Coach / Program Designer
Specialties: Boxing, Nutrition, Women’s Self Defense, Sport-Specific Training and Conditioning, Weight Loss, Functional Training, Power Lifting
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Henry Lotero
Henry LoteroAssistant Head Trainer / Class Instructor / Massage Specialist
Specialties: Sports Massage, Stretching, Muscle Recovery, IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), Rock Tape, Corrective Exercise, Posture Assessment
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Minh Ta
Minh TaPersonal Trainer / Small Group & Class Instructor
Specialties: Weight Loss, Functional Training, and Supplementation

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Peterson Paquiot
Peterson PaquiotPersonal Trainer / Class Instructor / Assistant Program Designer
Specialties: Functional Training, Strength Conditioning, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Speed and Agility
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Princess Zelda
Princess ZeldaGym Mascot
Specialties: Speed, High Jump, Retrieving, Cuddling
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