Gym Policies

1. You must sign-in to classes 2 hours in advance.
2. You must cancel a class 1 hour before start time or you will be charged a no show fee of $5.
3. All personal training must be booked in advance.
4. A 24-hour cancellation is required for personal training sessions. Failure to cancel will result in loss of the session.
5. Any and all holds on billing must be requested 2 weeks in advance. We will not put holds on billing for missed sessions of any kind without proper notice.
6. You must be kind and encouraging to all other members. Remember we are all part of the same team. Under this roof, we are all equal.
7. Negativity to others and especially yourself will not be tolerated. If needed you will be hugged!
8. Our music choices change by the day and are never consistent. Please expect to hear music in languages you don’t know, then some love songs, followed by heavy metal!

Our Corona Protocol

1. You must check in 12 hours prior to all class times via our Zen Planner app (class sizes are limited to adhere to covid 19 social distancing protocols)
2. Upon arriving at the gym we ask that you wait outside and do not enter until a trainer greets you at the door. This will allow us to adhere to our capacity guidelines as well as keep people properly socially spaced at all times.
3. Before you can enter the gym we will check your temperature.
4. A mask must be on when you enter the gym. (please remember to bring your own mask)
5. Once your temperature is checked a trainer will then provide you with hand sanitizer
6. You can place your things down in one of the cubbies then proceed to your assigned training pod.
7. During the session you will use your own equipment that is sanitized before you enter your pod. (All pods have the same equipment – dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, resistance bands, medicine balls, heavy bag, etc.)
8. For added safety and convenience each pod will also have it’s own hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray bottle, paper towels and garbage container.
9. Your mask can be pulled down if you need to breathe better during your workouts but must stay on your face at all times.
10. A mask will be required in the bathrooms. The shower rooms will be closed off and are no longer allowed to be used by any members.
11. Once your session is complete we will ask you to wipe down any equipment you’ve used to help us keep the gym clean. The staff will wipe down everything again once the room is cleared.
12. Upon leaving the gym you must exit through our back door.

Enhanced Cleaning at Final Round

1. The front desk area is vacuumed and mopped daily. All cubbies and front desk surfaces are wiped down on a daily basis as well.
2. The entire gym is vacuumed and mopped with a CDC approved disinfecting agent at the end of every day.
3. All equipment is wiped down after every use between all small group sessions
4. During personal training sessions all equipment is immediately wiped down after use.
5. The bathrooms are mopped and wiped down at the end of every day.
6. Once a month the entire gym is professionally cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant by Safety First Sanitizing.

Exceed Your Fitness Goals

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.